Real-time Help Lines for Floor Coating Projects

Suppliers of floor coatings to businesses and do-it-yourself  homeowners are extending real-time professional phone support in order to solve the problem of improper installation.

The trick to creating a quality floor coating is getting the coating to adhere to the substrate surface without chipping, peeling or lifting. The key is the preparation of the floor surface. But good surface preparation is a direct function of the experience and training of the applicator. Technical helplines now provide the business maintenance crews and homeowner the necessary on-the-job training and factory-direct experience by phone. This kind of personal support dramatically enhances the custom-built kits that suppliers are providing to homeowners.

Highly synthetic and wear-resistant, epoxy coatings have been used on concrete levels for decades in the industrial arena. These coated floors are easy to maintain with intensified beauty and reduced wear. Unfortunately, these industrial grade coatings are frequently not placed on the shelves of hardware stores and big-box retailers due to liability concerns. Also, store clerks are usually unable to accommodate the needed guidance for proper application of these industrial grade products.

One epoxy coating manufacturer that is leading the way on this type of support is ArmorThane of Springfield, MO.

ArmorThane enables individuals and project managers to obtain free, job-specific quotes on su

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