How Your Project Can Benefit from Polyurea


Polyurea coatings offer flexible heavy-duty protection.

Despite being used for over 30 years, polyurea coating is the relatively new kid on the block. However, polyurea’s durability, flexibility, and flexibility mean that it has swiftly made a name for itself, now used across industries for corrosion protection, waterproofing, containment, flooring, and mechanical machinery. To list a few. Polyurea coatings are also versatile, with applications conceivable across various substrates, including concrete, metals, wood, plaster, plastics, and more.

In this article, we will list the technology, advantages, and uses of polyurea coatings, as well as assisting you in finding polyurea coating suppliers and organizations for your project in the US.

The advantages of using polyurea coating

A polyurea coating results from a reaction between an isocyanate and a resin blend, which forms a plastic- or rubber-like compound. The polyurea reaction ends in an elastomer, which can be used similarly to other polyurethane and epoxy technologies. Still, the protection the polyurea resin provides fuses the best features of these coatings. Polyurea coatings are used for things ranging from mining equipment and pipeline coating to waterproof tank linings, asbestos encapsulation, and so many more. 

Polyurea advantages includes

  • High resistance – A polyurea coating provides chemical, abrasion, and UV resistance and can withstand extreme temperature changes.
  • Fast laid and fast return-to-service – A curing time of seconds or minutes means there is an almost immediate return-to-service time, and downtime is many times less than with another paint.
  • 100% solids –With a 1:1 volume ratio, the need for extra expenses is eliminated, and the lack of solvents means it is also VOC free and environmentally friendly.
  • Strength & flexibility – Polyurea paint has a high polymeric elongation meaning that it will stretch and resist punctures and tears.
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosive – Polyurea paint and coatings have moisture insensitivity/resistance. They have low permeability and are also resilient to water, providing corrosion protection.

Hot spray and polyaspartic coatings – polyurea paint application technology

Polyurea coating is a rubber-like coating commonly sprayed onto a substrate, yet roll applications of polyurea paint are also conceivable.

The hot spray is another name for the polyurea spraying process because polyurea is most efficient when heated to 140-160°F. The polyurea reaction is instant, and the coating starts to cure in seconds. The two elements are pumped into a special spray gun through heated hoses to achieve the heat and speed requirements. They mix within the gun chamber where the reaction begins, then are sprayed immediately onto the substrate. This guarantees the best performance from the coating and the most effective physical properties.

Polyurea hot spray coating is suitable for application across a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. It can be applied in sub-zero temperatures, or on damp substrates, without changing its effectiveness. It can also be applied at any thickness in a single application. Even though polyurea coating is almost predominantly applied with spray equipment, it is possible to modify the polyurea paint into a design that allows for roller and brush applications. This polyurea paint is called polyaspartic polyurea, and it is well-known as a floor coating.

Polyurea application is a precision industry and should be applied by trained, professional polyurea coating contractors; you will find polyurea coatings suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors listed below.

Polyurea vs. polyurethane and other coatings

There are several reasons to choose polyurea coating rather than more traditional coatings like epoxy. While other coatings have their benefits, polyurea paint outperforms them in certain areas.

Polyurea vs. Polyurethane:

Though these coatings are related, they have many differences. When it is applied, polyurethane based coatings are sensitive to temperature and moisture, where polyurea coatings are not. Polyurea coatings are elastic and can stretch, but polyurethane is unyielding and it also has a much higher tensile strength.

Polyurea vs. Epoxy:

Epoxies are sensitive to heat, humidity, and moisture during application, with more extended cure times than polyurea. UV radiation can cause it to discolor, unlike polyurea, which means that it is highly utilized for outdoors, instead of epoxy. Epoxy coatings are also not flexible with the expansion of a substrate. 

Polyurea vs. Cementitious:

Unsurprisingly, cementitious coatings give little give and have far longer setting times than polyurea. All cementitious coatings have long set as well as long cure time.

In short, choose a polyurea coating if you require a very quick turnaround in the application and when the application environment has a high amount of moisture, humid, below freezing, or is hot. Polyurea is also preferable when you require a coating that can flex with a substrate’s development or want a hard-wearing level of abrasion resistance. 

Find polyurea coating manufacturers and suppliers in your area.

By investing in polyurea, you are saving money in the low downtime and return to service losses, the lifetime of the coating, and the application speed. Note that polyurea coating typically costs more than alternatives like epoxy, and the application of polyurea is involved and should be left to the professionals. 

There are polyurea coating manufacturers, polyurea coating suppliers, and professional polyurea applicators all over the globe through the company ArmorThane. Whether you are looking for spray equipment or a professional applicator contact ArmorThane, and they can connect you with proper polyurea coatings manufacturers, suppliers, or applicators in your area, no matter where you are.

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